Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sign of Spring

Spring is just around the corner! Just found my first coltsfoot almost in bloom!

Gull Rock Road

Hi Everyone
As the sign said Gull Rock Road is starting to get a large population of gulls.I have been noticing more gulls pairing up in area.Many have populated nesting spots such as Peter's Island. This great black-backed gull looked like it was in the circus as the balancing act on the high wire!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


In front of my house yesterday i noticed about 6 Brants swimming in close so i grabbed my camera and got down on the beach and captured these photos.

The Rise and fall of the Right Whale

Here is an interesting article that was e-mailed to me from a friend.
The Rise and Fall of the Right Whale

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nature Sightings

Hi Everyone
What a beautiful day here on the Island. Last night Robbie Denton sighted a Barred owl in Freeport at my cottage. He said it looked at him quite awhile and then flew up into the trees. Robbie also sighted a fin whale, common murres, dovkies while lobster fishing the other day.
Other waterfowl we have been seeing in the harbor are common loons, greater scaups, buffleheads, eider ducks, black ducks, common mergansers, common goldeneyes,and black guillemots.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Canada Geese and Salt Marsh Sign

Today while in Freeport for the Sunday Brunch the firemen put on (really good food!)i looked at the signs from my posting to see how they turned out. The one where the salt marsh sign you could see 10 Canada Geese. So when you look at the sign and look in the marsh the sign came to life with the Canada Geese included! Here are some pictures of the Geese.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Northeast Cove Panels, sightings and GOMI projects

What a gorgeous day! Boy the sun feels good after the ice and snow storms we have been gettin lately. Went for a hike today to Gooseberry Cove and sighted 2 Purple Sandpipers sunning themselves on the rocks. Also 4 Robins were hunting for worms on my friends front lawn. Maybe that is a sure sign spring is around the corner!
I wanted to share with you some of the work i have been doing. These are signs i designed along with Roger Outhouse on different habitats, sea level rise, climate change and how it affects our coastal comminuties. As i mention in my bio i am one of the team leaders along with Roger for the DigbyNeck/Islands Gulf of Maine Institute Youth team. Our project this year is about this subject. We have worked with COGGS who helped with the map on one of the panels and where the sea level rise would be and what that might do to our community in 2110 with and without a storm surge. Along with survey's,we plan to make a video about this topic. Wish us luck! Our conference this year is in Boston and our mini conference will be in Bear River. Will post our conference and once our video is done try to upload it to youtube for you to take a look. Hope everyone gets out and enjoys the day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bird Sightings in Long and Brier Island

After the ice we had from the freezing rain it was good to see the temperature rise and melt most of it away. Today while in Freeport doing my library book delivery i noticed 9 Canada Geese in freeport cove with lots of black ducks huddled up near the shoreline. While going towards Westport ferry i noticed 2 Turkey Vultures flying overhead and 12 Brant in amonst the rocks near the Freeport fishplant. In Westport across from the postoffice in the harbor were 3 Common Loons and another Turkey Vulture soaring overhead. 1 Robin braved the elements and showed up near the trees at the Westport library along with some Black-capped Chickadees.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Greater Scaups, Buffleheads, Common Loons

Hello everyone
Today has been overcast and cooling down by the hour! As i drove into the parking lot at the store i noticed these Greater Scaups floating along near Wally's lookoff. They were resting in amongst them was two Buffleheads and 1 Common Loon decided to float closer.