Friday, October 30, 2009

Northern Light this morning

Hello Everyone
This morning there was lots of frost on the ground and you could see it rising over the passage. It soon warmed up a bit so i decided to take a hike to Northern Light. Here is my sightings from this morning:
80 Robins in a huge flock
1 Immature Bald Eagle
2 Merlins
1 Red-tailed Hawk
Dark-eyed Juncos in the alders and along the road side
1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Lots of Song Sparrows
Along the path to Seal Cove
9 Grey seals enjoying the sun
8 Eider Ducks
3 Northern Gannets flew by

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kettle of Turkey Vultures

Today while at the library i sighted a 25 turkey vultures in a kettle with 4 broad-winged hawks. Also sighted a flock of common grackles and dark-eyed juncos.

Northern Cardinal

Hi Everyone
Neil Green sent me this picture of a Northern Cardinal at Northern Light enjoying escargot.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Turkey Vultures and Bald Eagles

Hi Everyone
Today was a bit cool but nice and clear. As i headed off to Digby this morning (upgrading my academic math, biology and chemistry) i viewed a beautiful pink sunrise (the old timers always told me if there is a red sky in the morning sailors take warning!) Maybe tomorrow we will get gales! As i returned home tonight while crossing the ferry in Petite passage i sighted 22 Turkey Vultures gliding over to east ferry along with 4 Bald Eagles! WOW what a sight! Have a great day everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

SIghtings from today

Today was cold and windy but clear so i decided to hike Northern Light and Pond Cove
Here are some of my sightings from today..
Northern Light
Turkey Vulture
Sharp-shinned Hawk
2 American Goldfinches
4 Common Loons in the harbour
Near my house in the village
4 Eastern Bluebirds
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Blue jays
Dark-eyed Juncos
Song Sparrows
Eastern Kingbird

At Pond Cove
14 Horned Larks
Merlin chasing them
Northern Harrier making the rounds
Turkey Vulture
Greater Yellowlegs
50 Green-winged Teal
Black Ducks

ALong Gull Rock Road i sighted a red-tailed Hawk

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Common Loons

Hi Everyone
Julie sent me a note along with this picture of common loons seen at Dartmouth point, she sighted 7 in a group.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bird Sightings

Here is Laura Titus list from NatureNS on October 18

Just passing along a couple of interesting sightings from yesterday at my parents' backyard in Westport. Amongst the mass of blue jays and starlings was a baltimore oriole which hung around for a while but hasn't been seen again. There were a number of cowbirds and common grackles at the feeders, one of which was a partial albino grackle. It's head was all pure white and it had white patches on its belly. I hadn't seen a bird before with lack of pigment, although I know it can be somewhat common, so it was special to see.

Also this afternoon I saw a bald eagle on the rock ledge at the southern side of Peter's Island.

Laura Titus

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deer and Raptors

Hi Everyone
Today is windy, cool, and overcast. AS i drove down Digby Neck a doe walked out in front og me by the Digby Neck School. It was very unconcerned about me and continued to look at me and saunter on its way. Lots of deer around right now, be careful driving. I also have noticed lots of raptors around from the Islands and up along Digby Neck. Some of the raptors i sighted on Friday was:
Red tailed Hawk
Broad-winged hawk
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Turkey Vultures (many flying over sandy cove, freeport and westport).
Northern Harriers
Bald Eagle

This morning i sighted 4 Eastern Bluebirds hanging out on my clothesline.
Lots of Dark-eyed Junco`s, Song Sparrows, northern flickers and Blue jays moving through.
Also sighted a Great Blue Heron flying as th ferry landed.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bluebirds and Sapsuckers

Today is clear, but windy. As i was looking out my kitchen window i noticed an Eastern Bluebird sitting on the wire so i grabbed my camera and took some pictures. While out in the yard i also got some photo's of a yellow-bellied sapsucker trying to get a lunch from the willow trees. When that didn't work he banged on the hydro pole. There was 4 eastern bluebirds flying around and 2 yellow-bellied sapsuckers.

Last day of Whale Watching

Hi Everyone
Yesterday on our last day of whale watching was a clear and crisp with a little bit of wind. As we steamed out into the Bay of Fundy i noticed lots of harbour porpoises, pockets of Greater and Sotty Shearwaters, Adult Northern Gannets diving, lots of Northern Fulmars, 5 Red Phalaropes and an Atlantic puffin flying by. We steamed down below the buoys and came across Foggy and Luna travelling together. I found it was appropriate seeing Foggy for our last trip ( i have a soft spot for foggy). Here is some pictures from the day...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wonderful day in Brier Island

Hi Everyone
Today was a nice clear day so i decided to go out whale watching after my hike to Northern Light. Lots of birds moving in our area, goldfinches, blue jays, black-capped chickadees, pine siskins, song sparrows. Near the lodge on the shore in the trees i sighted 8 Great Blue Herons fishing.Claire Diggins sighted a kettle of broad-winged hawks with some turkey vultures near Western Light.
Before i went whale watching i sometimes go off on the wharf where the old ferry slip is and take a look around. You never know what kind of creatures you might see. This morning i sighted salps in chains floating in the waters and got some pictures of them. I also sighted gooseberry jellies, comb jellies, shrimp and pollack. Today we went off the buoys and sighted two humpback whales; Littlespot and Clamp. They were having an afternoon siesta. Also sighted two fin whales in the distance. Lots of birds on the water also today. Greater and sooty shearwaters, Northern Gannets, a common tern, we even had a pine siskin fly by and about 8 puffins. About 4-5 Atlantic white-sided dolphins was spotted headed towards the buoy as we watched the humpbacks. On our way in we stopped at seal cove and got some good looks at the grey and harbor seals which were hauled out on the rocks.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sightings from land and Sea

Hi Everyone
Yesterday my husband said they steamed off Northern Light a couple of miles and sighted a juvenile whale named Grand Manan.
Today i took the new steward officer for Nature Conservancy of Canada on a tour of Brier and Long Island. While in pond cove we sighted a juvenile Bald Eagle with an adult Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier and a Merlin. IN Freeport we sighted about 14 Canada Gesse in the ball field and a Juvenile Peregrine Falcon at Beautiful cove.
In my yard i sighted 2 Yeloow-bellied Sapsuckers, 4 Cedar Waxwings and dark-eyed juncos, and goldfinches.